How to Renew Your Texas Towing License

Renewing your Texas Tow Operator’s license is essential both as a legal obligation and to uphold your professional standing in alignment with industry standards. Will guide you through three vital steps that guarantee a smooth renewal procedure, allowing you to stay authorized and operational on the road.

 For license renewal, it’s necessary to fulfill 4 Hours of Continuing Education. These prerequisites encompass 1 hour dedicated to Roadway Safety, 1 hour to Texas Law and Rules concerning towing, and 2 hours covering pertinent subjects. Our comprehensive 4-hour course fulfills all these stipulations, ensuring your Texas Tow Operator license renewal is met satisfactorily. 

  • Take the online course at your convenience.

  • Fully complete the course to access your certificate.

  • Complete any additional state requirements to renew your license.


Endorsed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, all Texas Tow Truck Operators must secure 4 hours of annual continuing education. Annually, we present a fresh course to fulfill your CEU obligations. Our training comes with full narration and official state accreditation. Also, take advantage of loyalty discounts if you’re a returning customer.